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Background Image Size Css


Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding. Backgrounds may be colors or images. Screenshot Chris Coyier Permalink to comment# August 21, 2009 It seems to be the min-height attribute on the image that isn't taking in Safari 4. I’d also suggest to include some image rendering properties for smoother results:
image-rendering: optimizeQuality; /* Gecko */
-ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic; /* IE */
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The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Chris Coyier Permalink to comment# August 21, 2009 The latest Opera looks fine to me, but indeed there is a bug in Chrome (mac). Go Enter Today We have a pretty good* newsletter. I'm using a Joomla site atm and just want to cycle through the pictures every time somebody hits the page. internet

Background Image Size Css

Follow @Real_CSS_Tricks Contact About Archives Advertise Jobs Guest Posting License Shop Subscribe RSS icon-closeicon-emailicon-linkicon-menuicon-searchicon-staricon-tag Home Videos Almanac Gallery Snippets Forums Shop Newsletter Jobs Log In Sign Up CSS-Tricks Search Perfect Full A little more insight in terms of implementation would help me understand. See the section on color units for the syntax of valid color values. 14.1 Foreground color: the 'color' property 'color' Value: | inherit Initial:depends on user agent Applies to:all elements Inherited:yes Bazil Permalink to comment# November 26, 2010 This was just what I needed for my latest project!

Images Using an image on a background is pretty simple: body { background: url(sweettexture.jpg); } The url() value allows you to provide a file path to any image, and it will Awesome, Easy, Progressive CSS3 Way We can do this purely through CSS thanks to the background-size property now in CSS3. Hilbrand Edskes Permalink to comment# October 13, 2009 Indeed, then you see white space you don't want to be visible. Background Image Html Conclusion: I think the cover value is doing some aproximations and for some reason the output when there is a vertical bar is wrong at least in Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Without it the scrollnig did not function in any of browsers. Css Background Image Position It uses jquery but I wouldn't mind trying to just use CSS 3 to accomplish the same goal. The background of the root element becomes the background of the canvas and covers the entire canvas, anchored (for 'background-position') at the same point as it would be if it was my review here While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use, cookie and privacy policy.

The solution is to add this to the CSS:#bg { position: fixed; }This works in all browsers. Background Image Download I hope I was able to explain my problem and that you have a solution for it. I guess it all depends on the website design you have in mind though. Sign up now Thanks!

Css Background Image Position

Tim Wright Permalink to comment# August 21, 2009 Nice proof of concept, I like these types of posts. If you find fixes or more bugs, let me know. Background Image Size Css Also remember that the images don't need to be downscaled in many cases, sometimes it's enough to show only a part of the image (as if cropped). Background Image No Repeat List the image that should be at the front first, and the image that should be at the back last, like this: body { background: url(logo.png), url(background-pattern.png); } When you're using

Kukuhcdh Permalink to comment# December 1, 2010 visiting.. http://webstrategy360.com/background-image/background-image-position.html Anyways, in the description of the technique: html, body, #bg, #bg table, #bg td { height:100%; width:100%; overflow:hidden; } BUT! We set a min-height which keeps it filling the browser window vertically, and set a 100% width which keeps it filling horizontally. I'll be attempting the ‘Awesome, Easy, Progressive CSS3 Way'. Background Image Hd


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And no We set a fixed and centered background on it, then adjust it's size using background-size set to the cover keyword. Please try the request again. check over here It solved all my "oh no!-no-image-background" problems. :D It helped me very well esp.

You can also use background-image to sprite images, which is another useful method for reducing HTTP requests. Css Background Image Stretch Luan Haddad Permalink to comment# November 25, 2010 Hey Chris, very nice, thanks for posting. Anyone tried this without a table and have it working?

I will us it in some of my upcoming projects :) Patryk Gagan Permalink to comment# December 17, 2010 Worked perfectly, nice tut.

That looks like this: body { /* Base64 encoded transparent gif */ background: url(); } This technique removes one HTTP request, which is a good thing. David Permalink to comment# January 18, 2011 Great article! Cmon IE, be the best browser… Im so dissapointed with IE, there're many bugs there. Дизайн Permalink to comment# December 2, 2010 Nice concept, like it! Css Background Image Opacity left Equivalent to '0%' for the horizontal position.

Keki Peki Permalink to comment# November 28, 2013 Hey, what if there is 3 images for background. Oh, who cares?! :-) George H Permalink to comment# August 23, 2009 I agree that it's fine - it's not as though in a real world situation you would be entering I am beginning with JEE and reading this article I improved much my knowledge. this content Thx for the post.

Or you can make it 100% height and 100% min-width (then it can be centered horizontally easily). I figured I can do it with some sort of jquery or better yet a PHP plugin, but would appreciate any advice. When the image is available, it is rendered on top of the background color. (Thus, the color is visible in the transparent parts of the image). Thus, unless the image is tiled ('background-repeat: repeat'), it may be invisible.

Leo Cavallini Permalink to comment# September 26, 2009 I'm very happy to find it, indeed. Thanks. Percentages are formed by a immediately followed by the percentage sign %. Always cool to see techniques "in the wild." Download Files Just for posterity's sake, there is another example in here called table.php which uses an old technique that used to be

Works nicely though. I think this space is more likely to appear on a user's screen then when there is white when the window is bigger then 2560px (with a big image and overflow:hidden) While Firefox shortly renders the page with a background picture and then redirects to your 404 error page… Greetings Mathew Maciej Permalink to comment# August 24, 2009 Hi Guys, I love The especially clever bit is using a media query to check if the browser window is smaller than the image, and using a combo percentage-left and negative left margin to keep

when the window is not "wide", the photo doesn't deform showing the white background here in the demo and the "loading" background on the credited site. As usual around here, I like to lean on jQuery. #bg { position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; } .bgwidth { width: 100%; } .bgheight { height: To represent a fractional value, add the fractional part — a '.' followed by one or several decimal digits — to any data value. I want to be like you when and if I grow up!

http://vanessafiola.com/blog Best, Katrina GoKo Permalink to comment# January 3, 2011 the same problem has in ie6 and ie7. A background-color (or background-image) that’s applied to an element will appear beneath the foreground content of that element, and the area covered by the padding and border properties for the element. Supersize 2.0 looks great. If an element contains only floated children which haven’t been cleared—see clear—again, the background won’t display, since the element’s height will be zero.

tof Permalink to comment# August 21, 2009 Hmmm, on FF3.5, if I press "space" the whole page scrolls… Chris Coyier Permalink to comment# August 21, 2009 I fixed the space bar I know… it's not ‘pure', but it does the trick so well… I was able to target the img with JQuery to have it fade in on page load exactly as