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Construction & Building

Concrete, A Basic Component Of Construction

Concrete is one of the most famous architectural material throughout the world and is definitely most favorite to most of the modern day architects. It is made up my mixing water with certain kind of cement, commonly known as Portland cement, sand and rock in general temperatures. Initially it is not that much hard and can be transformed in to different shapes and structures but generally it is transformed into blocks.

Concrete is one of the basic structural construction component and material for the construction of all kind of buildings whether they are domestic, commercial or industrial. Houses made of concrete are one of the most reliable and strong kind of constructions as concrete is hard and is not effected much by weather conditions and temperatures. Concrete play an important role in construction of commercial buildings and industrial structures concrete is one of the most important constructive material which is widely used in construction of every kind of building and structures like malls, houses, skyscrapers and industrial plants. Concrete play a vital role in the construction of infra-structural structures like bridges, roads and monuments. It is used in construction in different forms or shapes like support providing beams, insulations and even drainage pipes are made up of concrete. Houses made up of concrete are comparatively structurally strong and long lasting.

Pros and Cons:


  • Houses and other buildings which are made up of concrete are resistant to weathers, whether it is rain or heat.
  • Concrete is a highly fire resistant material and this is one of the most important reason of concrete being used worldwide as a construction material
  • Concrete provide strength and rigidity to the structures and such structures are shelter providers in conditions of wind or rainstorms.
  • Concrete provide a strong sound insulation among the rooms and spaces within the structures.
  • Concrete cannot burn or get rusty thus require less maintenance.
  • Structures made up of concrete home builders Brisbane are durable and reliable


  • Concrete can be declared as one of the least elastic material and once dried, cannot be moulded into any other shape.
  • Using concrete as a constructional material can be expensive as it is comparatively expensive than cement or wood.
  • Production of concrete is time consuming and requires an expensive machinery and manpower which gradually make it more expensive that cement or wood.
  • Construction using concrete can be slower as concrete blocks are managed timely to elevate the structure.
  • It is difficult to manage and transport concrete as it is heavy.

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