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This app has fixed the problem. On the positive... Read more Which Side Are You On? Tentatively 5 stars while I test it (on the strength of the good telephone PR I've gotten from them). his comment is here

Terrible support. I paid $17.50 for the recommended upgrade . Full Review Bilal Mian May 24, 2016 Updates are not good It was good but now it gets loading & i have to find result many time. I have to admit, the Trump presidency turned ugly far more rapidly than I had anticipated.

Read more Clinton Cronies Involved in Biggest Financial Scandal in Rhode Island History: An introduction Domestic Affairs Andrew Stewart - September 8, 2016 4 The sad tale of "pension reform" — Read more Celebrities and Pro-choice Politics are Ruining the Takeaway From the Women’s March: But that’s... Full Review Ronen Halili June 10, 2016 Very good translator but... Jacob Abbott Worked great, until I had to pay.

Having travelled OS on several occasions the biggest hurdle I find in understanding the basics in the local language. I checked my phone settings and there is nothing to prevent the program starting otomatically. Click on Babylon section for more elaborate translation results.6. Latest Articles Trump is Terrifying but Hillary would have (maybe) been worse: An...

It works offline but does not translate properly. Read more Which Side Are You On? It needs to translate by opening app manually. http://dictionary.babylon-software.com/ Offline mode is NOT GOOD AS THE RIVAL OFFLINE DICTIONARIES.

Then they get you to download app but neither Cebuano or Visayan or Tagalog are offered in the app because you must PAY for the PREMIUM version !!! After the recent updates it becomes horrible. Full Review January 9, 2016 Was good before update now it just a headache You can't do anything whit it cause for every word you have to see an advertisement don't Don't bet on it Domestic Affairs Ken Silverstein - January 18, 2017 0 For months before the election, Donald Trump's opponents predicted that he would soon drop out of the race

Spoiler Alert: It... http://translation.babylon-software.com/mobile/ Never buying from Babylon again. Can't wait for liberal outrage Ken Silverstein - November 6, 2016 If Defeated, Will Hillary Accept Results or Claim Vote was Rigged? The most annoying is that these ads have sounds.

You're not along in the market and it will be worth, get it before it's too late. Please respond and tell me what you can do about this! Item added to wishlist. What did I paid for?

Full Review hg7 ugy December 29, 2015 Annoying Why don't any of these translates have Samoan translates.... Why does the ENGLISH option display an American flag? January 30, 2017 The Return of Erik Prince: Trump, military contractors and the further... Full Review Kevin Cullen January 3, 2017 Simple for first timers.

I mean this is really good to teach people but I want to learn Samoan language...😰 Full Review Carrie Villegas December 25, 2015 I've heard great things about this app but Networks Dept. This has nothing to do with my powerhouse LG V10 phone equipped with an additional 64 Gigs almost-empty Micro SD card.

If you need to email me or call me please let me know .

SMH Full Review maher bakir March 31, 2016 Regret I regret upgrading the app it is worthless.the offline dictionaries are ridiculous i couldn't use it in offline mode Full Review Joshua Please fix it. Bought this through the school I'm attending. Read more The Return of Erik Prince: Trump, military contractors and the further privatization of war Domestic Affairs David Isenberg - January 26, 2017 0 In 2005 the Marine Corps University

There is no settings to make it online and keep it like this. I need something that will translate Punjabi to English which this says it will do. Sydney Leathers - January 13, 2017 1 BuzzFeed's Golden Showers Ken Silverstein - January 13, 2017 1 Domestic Affairs Trump is Terrifying but Hillary would have (maybe) been worse: An... That’s why most our members give us 5 out of 5.

Domestic Affairs Ken Silverstein - January 17, 2017 0 Well, here we are a few days out from the inauguration and political discourse and intelligence in this country could...